Finished Ellerslie 'Pod Oasis' Garden 24 Feb 2014

Finished Ellerslie ‘Pod Oasis’ Garden 24 Feb 2014


We completed making an award-winning  garden at Ellerslie International Flower Show in Hagley Park,  February 2014.  After de-construction there, it will be moved to  a city site (ReStart Mall) in May-June 2014 to be used and enjoyed by the public. The concept design by GtR Projects Supervisor Jonathan Hall and friends earned Ellerslie Show grant-funding and was built with help from gardener Gina Payne and a team of volunteers.  See it in the context of other Ellerslie Show garden designs at: 

Recognition for Jonathan Hall, Gina Payne and Greening the Rubble Trust's volunteers and sponsors. Great team effort.

Recognition for Jonathan Hall, Gina Payne and Greening the Rubble Trust’s volunteers and sponsors. Great team effort.

The garden was awarded ‘Silver Distinction’ by international judges – a great result for a first time Show entry!

Testing components of the Pod frame and seats

Testing components of the Pod frame, before setting up at the Show

Many more progress photos are at our facebook album   

YouTube film clip featuring Pod oasis and a City Council lakeside garden at Ellerslie (with Ruud Kleinpaste).

Major sponsors for Pod Oasis include: Steel & Tube, Placemakers Riccarton, VIP Packaging, Resene paints, STSL for artificial turf, Addclubb for CNC cutting and routing of plywood, Fern factor, Bowron Sheepskins for pallets, Barry Payne for steel fabrication and Centraus Engineering for advice. Continuing support from Christchurch City Council and James Rennie – our yard host- have also been important.

Here are some photos of Jonathan and Gina’s preparatory work, both at Ellerslie Show and previously at our yard.  There were climbing beans grown within a wind shelter,  prefabrication of frames and seats for the ‘pods’ and other creative tasks over the summer months.

Placing plants at the nearly completed garden

Placing plants at the nearly completed (and colourful) garden.


Gina inside the wind-shelter, for the climbing beans





Jonathan working on engineered frame components for Pod Oasis, GtR’s Ellerslie garden 2014





3 Responses to Pod Oasis – our Ellerslie Show garden 2014

  1. Sarah Mankelow says:

    Exciting to see the progress!

  2. Laura Taylor says:

    This is a fantastic design – kudos Greening the Rubble!

  3. Rhys Taylor says:

    Garden awarded Silver Distinction by the judges at Ellerslie!

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