The Plant Exchange - now open - in Barbadoes Street

This autumn, Greening the Rubble has opened a temporary service for gardeners, including those in Red Zoned areas who will have to abandon established gardens when they relocate. The outdoor Plant Exchange at Barbadoes Street accepts donations of perennials, and gives away these plants to new homes. It’s a “bring and swap”, much like the Book Exchange cabinet which is close by on Kilmore Street, managed by our friends at Gap Filler. The Plant Exchange will run for about two months this autumn and then close for winter, potentially re-opening at a new central city site in spring. Enquiries (including suggested sites) to Rhys on 021 462 260

Press coverage on 6 May here.

Elsa selects a bronze Cordyline (cabbage tree)

Newly made and planted flower bed at Piko, in front of which the Plant Exchange tables have been installed. Plants seen here were re-locations from a Sydenham site.


Our pictures below show the  space that the Plant Exchange occupies, next to GtR’s  established public garden at the former Piko shop site, on corner of Kilmore and Barbadoes.  New plantings in a bed at this site in April are themselves re-locations, from The Music Room, Sydenham, a GtR garden that has been taken away in April to allow re-build at Eco Frame & Mirror.

Start potting up those spare plants now, ready for swapping!


The shed which preceded this installation is shown below – it was demolished this summer.

The shed at Piko coming down in summer 2013...

...created the new space for our garden extension.

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6 Responses to Plant Exchange

  1. […] newest garden is a Plant Exchange on Barbadoes street, just north of  the Piko garden – which you can locate on this […]

  2. karen says:

    on my way with plants and looking for some new exciting additions to my garden…

  3. […] Greening the Rubble have launched another initiative at the Piko site across the road from our Cottage. Plant Exchange […]

  4. […] demolished recently, opening up more of the site as potential garden: see separate entry on the Plant Exchange. Kowhai in loaned City Council planters blossoms in Spring 2012 Spring blossom at Piko site […]

  5. Colin says:

    These people need every success – so much of the city is now a wilderness and the citizens need to take advantage.
    I have heaps of potential rhubarb plants and now is the time to plant.
    Many people don’t like rhubarb because they don’t cook it right and often it’s too acid.
    Simmer for few minutes drain the water and then cook and wow it is soooo nice with ice cream or whatever.

  6. […] Alongside these core volunteers and contractors, we enjoy help from dozens of individuals and from workplace teams who contribute at project sites. See photos on this website of them in action at recent build locations, such as Salisbury St , Coffee Zone, and  the former Piko corner. More recently at Rotherham St, Riccarton and at Beresford Street New Brighton, and work is under way at new sites: Nature Play, Peterborough Street, Cranmer Square and a Plant Exchange. […]

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