A private householder has shared their garden site with Greening the Rubble for a few years (via a licence to LiVs), before they can re-build. Site preparations began at the corner of Cranmer Square and Chester Street in late April 2013 and were delayed by adjacent pumping station works, after which other GtR projects leap-frogged this one. We recommenced site work in April 2014, only to find the road being dug up again. Road works are nearly complete May 2014. Our garden is taking shape now.

Container is delivered by HIAB

Greening the Rubble’s storage container arrives on site – our plant nursery is adjacent to the Green Roofs garden. It’s long side may be used for a ‘green wall’ installation.

Hut gets its green roof

(more pics on Facebook page)


Mothers Day with Dorothy's tea caravan, 2014

There are several green roof structures in this garden, which also hosts visits by Dorothy’s tea caravan.


The Ibis Hotel team helping at Cranmer Square


Volunteers from the staff of Ibis Hotel (Accor Group) plus some visiting students, cleared weeds, pruned overgrown shrubs and shifted a trailer-load of debris, to get started on this ‘three-dimensional garden’ project. Ellerslie Show prize-winner Paul Roper-Gee (from BECA) is helping with landscape design, and GtR’s Jonathan Hall has converted a garden shed donated by Brian Wearing (photo below right, taken at our yard).

Brian’s donated shed transformed into a green-roof structure, in the yard awaiting installation




The Christchurch Botanic gardens have provided two green roof structures that were displaced by their Information Centre building project, and a fourth  green roof structure temporarily placed here had a Transitional City grant for its project partners Sustainable Habitat Challenge (SHAC).


The walled garden space emerges from overgrowth and weeds

The Ibis staff team – thanks for helping!

UK and Swiss visitors who helped on the clean-up day. They were joined by a UC student.


3 Responses to Green Roofs at Cranmer Square

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  2. Bruce Seay says:

    Aggregate.( Scoria )
    We operate a Scoria quarry in Taupo.
    Successful Trials have been carried out using this product as a growing medium in Horticulture and the like.
    Scoria weighs- conversion 1 Tonne = 1 m3
    Characteristics – Colour Red /Light weight ( Less Structure required )/Drains / Porous/ Efficient Air – Water circulation – promotes root growth
    Could this be trialled for Roof Top Gardens ?

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