Haere Mai welcome to Greening the Rubble.

Greening the Rubble (GtR) is a charitable trust that grew after the Canterbury earthquakes. We create and maintain temporary public parks on cleared sites in Christchurch.

Each garden contributes to the rejuvenation of our city and is a positive, green sign of recovery!

working on the sound garden 2.0

working on the sound garden 2.0


The Sound Garden is safely installed on Peterborough Street, opposite the library, thanks to all the hard work from volunteers, the Greening the Rubble and Gap Filler crews! Take your family down to make some beautiful music together.

Sound Garden 2.0 is a joint project between Greening the Rubble and Gap Filler.


We are a community project for Christchurch, NZ, which unites a team of locals and visitors responding creatively to the extensive damage caused by the earthquakes.

We are creating temporary public parks and gardens on sites of demolished buildings. Licence agreements with site owners,  and extensive sponsorship of the construction materials and design process, make it possible for our volunteer teams to build and maintain these parks. 

Please have a look around our website, visit some of our sites and/or volunteer to be involved!


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